We're glad to anounce that autostand 6.2.0 is out!! You can get it as single component, or include in one of the packs. All packs include the component + modules. Depending on the pack you select, you can check the our demo to see the modules in action. Our latest demo includes a joomla template and a new module for joomla articles that we developed.

This new version includes a new Autostand Template, a new feature to load youtube videos, some modules have been updated also. All modules updated have the option to load diferent layouts. Since the major changes are in the layout, we included the option to choose the layout for the modules.  We've fixed a few bugs, and all the tests done were using latest joomla version (3.9.11 with PHP 7.3)

NOTE:: Since the joomla articles module and joomla template are not available for download, if you plan to use them, please contact us and send the paypal ID of the order.
Contact us for module and template. We'll send them to all users that aquire one of the autostand packs. 

If you're updating Autostand from previous versions, don't forget to backup you're entire site BEFORE the install. 
Autostand wont remove the cars, categories, or images, but it will replace ALL CORE FILES including css for the templates and language file (we add a few strings to language).

Check our new demo at http://autostand.net or choose your autostand in our store