Autostand 5.0

Autostand 5.0

After a long wait, we would like to anouce that new Autostand 5.0 is ready!


During the next days we'll update all the packs and component files. To update, just login, go to your order details and download the aditional file included. 
Remember that this new version will replace ALL the files of Autostand component, including css and template files. If you changed any layout, css, or core files, backup before install the update. 
All the cars, categories, options, car images, etc will be safe. Since we update some tables, to include new fields, the update will create them. In order to use this new version, you need Google Maps api key, in case you want to use the map.


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How to Update Autostand

To update the Autostand can download the new version, go to "my orders", and download



Note that the update Autostand, will replace all the files of the component, including css, templates, controllers, etc.
If there were changes in the templates, or other files, you will lose those changes !!
the modules, they will continue to work, however we made some corrective changes in these new versions.

If you have any question, please contact us 

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Autostand 4.1.0

New version for Autostand is ready. New features:
Template Bootstand update for Bootstap 3.4
New IRES template. Also Responsive with layout presentatio change
Location with Google Maps. Feature only availe with Ires template. To include this feature in Bootstand template, will provide more details
Import/Export review. Some bug fixes and new fields included in the import/export
All modules have been reviewed and updated.
New module - Slider - Responsive

Autostand 5.0

256After a long wait, we would like to anouce that new Autostand 5.0 is ready! We add a few new featureas, fix some bugs, update plugins and dependencies, tested with php 7...

Some of the new features include:
multi image upload,
recaptcha 2.0,
Google Maps ,
update for Bootstrap 3.x,
new backoffice
bug fix
update modules and plugins

Updates are still free for all the users that aquired Autostand 4.x.


Autostand is an extension, capable of managing all types of vehicles. or products that you need to show.  With Autostand you can create a website to show cars, bikes, boats, or any other "product", like car parts. If you have any questions, please contact us

#Multiple Categories
#Multiple Images
#Touch event image gallery and lightbox
#Frontend Managment
#Pay-To-Submit(using Paypal)
#Create extras and characteristics
#Location with Google Maps * Info

#Select the options available in search or category
#Social integration (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinrest)
#Additional extras with image
#Import/Export cars (.csv format)
#Makes and Model (90 Makes & 380 models included)
#Metakeys & Description for vehicles and categories
#Follow Cars Plugin
#Video upload
#Image resize
#Additional Files (Ex. worksheets; Car Manuals,etc)
#Set diferent image size for each car
#Templates (responsive using bootstrap 3.4)
#Assign diferent templates for category and/or car
#Image for category
#Labels (Ex. New, Used)
#reCAPTHA form validation
#Compare Cars
#Joomla ACL control view for cars and/or category
#Feature Cars
#Show Cars in main pages (Car list and Main site)
#Content plugin to include cars in content

New feature for the Ires template include Google Maps Location.
*This feature is only available with the Ires Template

How to Update Autostand

To update the Autostand can download the new version, go to "my orders", and download the file.
The images explain how to obtain the new version of the component, but for those who made the purchase of a pack the process is the same, just change the file name.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Quickstart Files

As you all notice, we changed our demo site. Now it's fully responsive, and mobile ready.
We're setting up a new demo site, similar to the old version, and as soon as both demos are up and finish, we'll release the quickstart files of both demo sites.
NOTE:: All the files and updates will be done from our shop, and are only available for users that aquire Platinum pack, or previous order Autostand prior to 01.07!


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