256Welcome to the new webstylecreations. As you may notice, the major update was our site, but not only. Autostand as also been update with some new features and some minor bug fixes. 
The major feature is the new template - Ires - that we'll provide a simple demo here until we update our oficial demo at www.autostand.net.  
Another good news is now you can aquire autostand as you like. You choose one of the packs available, that includes some modules, or you can simple get Autostand and the modules/plugins you want to use.
All the modules have been update, others are new like the slider module.

We plan to get the new forum up and runing, without the stupid spammers, and keep it update. Regarding the downloads and updated for all the users that aquired autostand in the past, we intent to keep our word regarding the updates. 
We wont migrate our site, nor it's content and users, and soon we'll provide an option for users to get the latest version of Autostand. Probably all need to do is register in our new site, make the order you like, and send us the paypal ID when you aquire Autostand. After order confirmation, we'll manually update your order.
For future updates, you can simple login, go to your user/order details, and download the file again. Although the name is the same, the content will be updated. This way no need for special authorizantions nor restricted downloads. Another option could be a coupon with the total amount of or the order.