In this new version of Autostand we decide to let users choose what are the options they need for the car. This way you can use Autostand not only for cars, but for boats, bikes, parts, etc, etc, and because of that each product as it's own characteristics. 

To create new options: Autostand-->Options --> Car Characteristics. You can choose if the option will be a list, or text.  If the you choose the textfield, just fill in the name of the option. (Color; CO2 Emissions; Condition; Warranty, etc).

Use the textfield when you may have more then 6 options. Not that autostand only acepts 6, you can have as many as you want, but if the option will be part of the search, then you'll get a big option list. 

When you have just a few options, use the list. To add the value for the list, enter "options" after you create the characteristic.

Again don't forget to include the characteristic in the search, if necessary.  Config--Car&Category