Autostand like many other extensions use categories, so it's a good starting point, and decide the categories you'll use. Of course that this will depend of the product you're showing. Estate Cars, Sport Cars, Boats, Engine Parts, Used, etc,... Images are very usefull to guide the user. We sugest to use some images when showing the categories.

As you'll see in the category form, you can select how many cars the category will show, and how many by row. NOTE:: style_002 template works better with 1 car/row.

Avoid using many sub-categories, focus the user in the main category(ies), and keep the short description short. Use this when you need to explain the user what to find in the category. Remember that you want the user to see your product(s).Setting the # of cars by page to 6-10 will keep the user interest to see more, but this are just sugestions.