Quickstart is back!! Now with latest Autostand 6.2.0, plus the new joomla template and a new joomla articles display. This file is included in the platinum and gold pack. The file is available for all users that aquired one of this packs. 

To download the file enter your order(s), select the invoice of the confirmed order, and download the file.

This file was created using Akeeba, but select as zip file, wich means that you can unzip it and install as normal joomla installation. If you prefer to use the "Akeeba method", download the quickstart , upload this file and the autostand_6.2.0_quickstart.zip, and use the installer at http://yoursite.com/kickstart.php 

Access details for this quickstart:
user: autostand
password: autostand

Don't forget to check the access details after installation, or create a new user in the install process.