Autostand as a new demo that includes a new Autostand template, new Joomla template created for this new release, and a few additional modules. One for Joomla - Articles display, and some new layouts for Autostand modules - Latest Cars and Random cars. If you're interested in this template, contact us. The new Joomla module for articles is not available for download, if you want to use it please contact us

To update the Autostand can download the new version, go to "my orders", and download the file.
The images explain how to obtain the new version of the component, but for those who made the purchase of a pack the process is the same, just change the file name.

256After a long wait, we would like to anouce that new Autostand 5.0 is ready! We add a few new featureas, fix some bugs, update plugins and dependencies, tested with php 7...

Some of the new features include:
multi image upload,
recaptcha 2.0,
Google Maps ,
update for Bootstrap 3.x,
new backoffice
bug fix
update modules and plugins

Updates are still free for all the users that aquired Autostand 4.x.

New version of Autostand is available!

Some of the new features include:
Update template Bootstand
Update to PHP 7.3 & Joomla 3.9.x (Also tested with Joomla 4 Alpha)
Rebuilt admin panel
Update recaptcha for contact form
In order to work with latest joomla, the frontend managment was removed!
Other features like the pay-to-submit or the ires template have been removed

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